Mr.  G
Mister G is about an hour out of Toronto Canada, and does this as a hobby.

Mister G....Mr.G or some form of variant like that....The G stands for Grumpy, a moniker given to me by a neighbour, because I didn't want to talk to them at know, that one person in your neighbourhood that goes on and on about pretty much nothing,.....for those that remember...think Mrs. Kravitz

I do this for fun, not profit, I lost a bet and had to come up with something, which I did, and now dabble...
I'm also not your everyday type of dance party person, ...almost classed as a senior, but then music knows no bounds righr?
Feel free to check out some of the tunes I'm either working on, have worked on or stuff like that.  Who knows, maybe someone of importance will think, I can market this guy ;-)
Currently trying to form a company label, and do everything through that venue,